Probus Club of Lower Templestowe (c)

Probus Club of
Lower Templestowe (C)


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About our club

Club Management

Probus Clubs are all run and managed by Members who volunteer their services. They have an overseeing organisation, Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL), which supports Clubs in return for an annual capitation fee. PSPL provides training for new Committee members and arranges insurance that covers all Club members and activities. They also liaise with travel companies, assisting in the favourable travel deals available to Probus Clubs.

The running of each individual Club occurs at three levels:

  1. Club Committee
  2. Interest Group Organisers
  3. Support Members
    1. The Committee of Probus Lower Templestowe currently has 10 members: President; Vice-President; Immediate Past President; Secretary; Treasurer; Minute Secretary; Membership Officer; Speakers Officer; Newsletter Editor and Outings Officer. The Committee meets an hour before each month’s Club Probus meeting and members work as needed between those sessions.
    2. Interest Group Organisers are Members who suggest and run smaller group activities. These usually meet once a month to pursue interests such as cycling; reading; film and theatre; cards or craft. 
    3. Support Members help the smooth running of Club meetings. These invaluable Members organise morning teas; run the audio-visual system; take responsibility for safety and evacuation training; take booking for the various activities; book the venue for the lunches after each meeting;  greet Members on their arrival at the meeting; and enquire about the welfare of any sick or injured Members.


A Club is only as strong as its Members, all of whom are encouraged to participate in the running of the Club at some time within their membership.

About Probus

Probus clubs exist worldwide and are particularly strong in Australia and New Zealand. They were formed initially as a branch of Rotary, and still maintain some ties. Unlike Rotary, they are not designed to support charities but are a not-for-profit group designed to support Members.

The initial organisation was founded in 1965 in London, with the goal of providing friendship, fellowship and fun to retired and semi-retired people. Medical research since then has increasingly supported the importance of this goal, as loneliness and inactivity in older age are linked to a host of mental and physical health issues.